One stop multi service design, manufacturing and creative fabrication company

Combining our creativity, attention to detail and can-do attitude we have the ability to create a rich experience for all our clients. Working in steel, Aluminium, Stainless, Copper, Brass, Timbers, Composites and Plastics. It’s our end to end policy


We can design, prototype, manufacture and finish the components companies require for their products
  • tick-icon CAD/3D Modelling
  • tick-icon Jig builds
  • tick-icon Multi materials usage
  • tick-icon Welding, Fabrication
  • tick-icon Timber work
  • tick-icon Composites
  • tick-icon 3D Printing, Machining


As a creative multi service solutions company we can work with commercial designers to bring to life their ideas
  • tick-icon Architects
  • tick-icon Interior designers
  • tick-icon Commercial designers
  • tick-icon Architectural fixtures
  • tick-icon Builders
  • tick-icon Bespoke Builds
  • tick-icon Sculptures
  • tick-icon Marketing promotions
  • tick-icon Hospitality fitouts
  • tick-icon Pop up Retail
  • tick-icon Custom furniture
  • tick-icon Film/TV
  • tick-icon Kitchen

Bespoke Creations

One's imagination is the only limitation
Creating a client’s one off custom idea is a privilege to be involved with. We draw on our vast experiences and knowledge to turn their concept into reality
  • tick-icon Dining table
  • tick-icon Chairs
  • tick-icon Lighting
  • tick-icon Shelving
  • tick-icon Garden furniture
  • tick-icon Beds
  • tick-icon Sculpture
  • tick-icon Gates
  • tick-icon Balstrudes
  • tick-icon Candelabras
  • tick-icon Occasional furniture
  • tick-icon Planters
  • tick-icon Fire pits
  • tick-icon Firewood storage


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