Blending European Craftsmanship & Kiwi Can Do

Gareth Quarterman, Head Creative at Q Metal Design, draws on his European heritage in both design and craftmanship. He loves to work out how to make your ideas come to life, whether that’s a quick design on a napkin or repeat order for brackets to an exacting specification.

Gareth begun his exploration of steel as a blacksmith. The desire to experiment and problem solve is part of who he is. As his range of tools expanded beyond the anvil and forge he relished the range of designs and finishes he could craft.

When he applies his metal skills to your project you are getting years of experience and an openness to embracing new technology – ask him about his programmable wire bending machine…

He enjoys consulting with his wide network of specialist where necessary to ensure you are delighted with the completed product.

At the heart of it, Gareth’s curiosity drives his desire make things work and make them beautiful.