Made to Order Range

We can design, prototype, manufacture and finish the components companies require for their products.

  • tick-icon CAD/3D Modelling
  • tick-icon Jig builds
  • tick-icon Multi materials usage
  • tick-icon Welding, Fabrication
  • tick-icon Timber work
  • tick-icon Composites
  • tick-icon 3D Printing, Machining

Custom Creations

As a creative multi service solutions company we can work with commercial designers to bring to life their ideas.

We like to think we can make anything in steel. It’s a strong and malleable medium that lends itself to a range of organic and geometric creations. Come to us with your ideas and we will collaborate to find a creative solution.

  • tick-icon Architects
  • tick-icon Interior designers
  • tick-icon Commercial designers
  • tick-icon Architectural fixtures
  • tick-icon Builders
  • tick-icon Bespoke Builds
  • tick-icon Sculptures
  • tick-icon Marketing promotions
  • tick-icon Hospitality fitouts
  • tick-icon Pop up Retail
  • tick-icon Custom furniture
  • tick-icon Film/TV
  • tick-icon Kitchen

Industrial Components and Fabrication

One's imagination is the only limitation

Creating a client’s one off custom idea is a privilege to be involved with. We draw on our vast experiences and knowledge to turn their concept into reality.

Consistently high quality and on-time delivery make your life easier. We are used to working to detailed specifications, tight timeframes, and subcontractors. Contact us to discuss how we can meet your expectations.

  • tick-icon Dining table
  • tick-icon Chairs
  • tick-icon Lighting
  • tick-icon Shelving
  • tick-icon Garden furniture
  • tick-icon Beds
  • tick-icon Sculpture
  • tick-icon Gates
  • tick-icon Balstrudes
  • tick-icon Candelabras
  • tick-icon Occasional furniture
  • tick-icon Planters
  • tick-icon Fire pits
  • tick-icon Firewood storage